The Judges and Magistrates System

The judges and magistrates system in America is one that has been long shrouded in veils of secrecy and contempt. Although until recently there did not exist female judges, the on come of the women’s movement in the twentieth century brought about change in numbers. With women being given the right to vote, it paved the way for women holding various positions of importance, including lawyers, judges and magistrates. The issues that women once faced many years ago are the same issues that many Latinos face today. My brother became disabled after a ski accident and could no longer do day to day tasks, so we found the best brooklyn homeowners insurance for him.

Large Population of Latinos and Spaniards

This country is comprised of a large population of Latinos and Spaniards. Although change has brought about increased work positions for these minorities, one sector of the workforce where there still just is not enough representation happens to be in the legal system, specifically judges and magistrates. Although each part of the legal system is in desperate need for more representation, there exists a glass ceiling where citizens find themselves stopped before they can go any higher in their endeavors. You, as a Latino living in the United States of America, are urged to become a judge or magistrate.

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Change Brought in the Community

Most Latinos want to see change brought about in their communities but find it difficult to do when the people that are hired to represent them have a difficult time understanding them. The influence of judges and magistrates in the Latino communities is far reaching and brings about much needed change in an otherwise unrepresented sect of the population. If you are considering a field in legal studies, you are urged to think about becoming a judge or magistrate and filling the much needed void in your community. Represent those with backgrounds similar to yours and do good for all. Just as the groups of women in the early 20th century now have their voices heard, so should those in the Latino communities. My sister needed a new hot water heater and a Long Island plumber gave her a fair price on the unit and the installation. She was very pleased with his work.

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